Why We’re Not Getting Monster Squad 2 or a TV Show Spin-Off

I do not know about you, but one of my favorite horror movies was Night of the Creeps director Fred Dekker and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang by filmmaker Shane Black The Squad of Monsters . Like many fans The Monster Squad I wanted a sequel as long as I can remember. And today, we learned that a series Monster Squad was being prepared at one point! But he was eventually abandoned because the powers behind the scenes felt that he looked too much like Stephen King's IT . Low.

The Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps Director and screenwriter Fred Dekker recently revealed this tragic information concerning ] Monster Squad 2 and the possibility of obtaining a television broadcast Monster Squad affirming this.

"Shane Black and I were approached to adapt The Monster Squad for television: Was it my first choice? No, but I am a big fan of long-term TV … and finding a way to take it The Monster Squad and turn it into a long series was a huge passion, but when we was approached, it was just after Stranger Things .

.I thought to myself: let's do this for people who have fallen in love with their childhood and say: "Where is it? team in the skin of adults? "and Shane said to me," Well that's it. "I said," Yes, it's a great idea. "And he said, "No, that's Stephen King That . The first part of the book and the first film are them like children who fight monsters and the second film is them like adults who fight monsters. ""

Does this mean that we will never see a sequel to The Monster Squad or a television series based on the beloved horror film? Well, yes, that sounds like what Dekker says, which goes on:

"As a fan of the genre, there is nothing that interests me at once or that is new about" Monster Squad "as a movie or film, a TV show, maybe in 10 years, maybe in 15 years, but now it's like everybody's doing it already."

Again, weak. I mean Dekker says that "everyone" is telling similar stories these days, like director Andy Muschietti's current adaptation of IT to Netflix and [StrangerThings Duffer brothers but I still want more The Monster Squad Guys! I guess I can not speak for all the horror fans, but I'm sure we would all agree with a The Monster Squad 2 or a television series nowadays. After all, this is not The Monster Squad Rip Stranger Things Now?

Whatever may be, for those of you who might not know, Fred Dekker realized The Monster Squad . a scenario that he co-authored with The Deadly Weapon and Iron Man 3 of Scribe Shane Black. Jonathan A. Zimbert produced the film. He starred Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Brent Chalem and Ryan Lambert in the role of titular monster hunters, Duncan Regehr in Dracula, Tom Noonan in Frankenstein's monster, Jonathan Gries in Wolfman, Tom Woodruff Jr. in Gill-man and Michael MacKay. like the mummy.

TriStar Pictures propelled the cult classic into a theater near your parents on August 14, 1987. This story comes from Moviefone.

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