Will Norman Osborn Be Marvel Phase 4’s First Big Villain?

With The Avengers: End of the Game in the theaters and in the theaters of Marvel Phase 4 of Marvel Phase 4 corner, all eyes are on the future of the Marvel film world. Which films will we see? Which characters from the pages of Marvel Comics will we see come to life? And, perhaps more importantly, what big villain will take Thanos' place? We have heard rumors that Norman Osborn may be this number and we now have potential evidence that, if true, could confirm that this is the case with Spider-Man 3 ] has already almost confirmed that it was happening

We must warn, very heavily, that it is only a rumor ] for the time being. Nothing more. This should not be considered as a truth until Marvel Studios intervenes. That said, a re-cast of an alleged character following a casting call reveals that the studio is looking for an actor who can play the role of someone under the codename "The Benefactor". "This individual is described as" mysterious and harmful. "They seek to make an actor, preferably Caucasian, who is" between 40 and 60 years old. "

Few things were unveiled, with the difference that this individual will be making a scene in Atlanta sometime this year.It may be like a post-credit scene attached to Spider-Man: Away From Home . Marvel fans surely know it, Norman Osborn, the man behind Green Goblin, is one of Spidey's most infamous enemies. "Willem Dafoe played the character of the Spider-like trilogy. Sam Raimi's Man.The description of the character, at least vaguely, corresponds to Osborn.The report says that what they've got suggests that this mystery actor will play the powerful and noticeable role.If we assume that he there is even a nugget of truth in this statement, this could have a great importance for phase 4 of the MCU.

Yes, Norman Osborn is the green goblin, but in the pages of Marvel Comics. he became much more than a simple guy with bombs and a cool glider. Although his character's story is complex, as is the case with many comic book characters, he eventually gains legitimate credibility and power from the public and the government. Norman Osborn is finally named director of The Thunderbolts, which looks more or less like the Marvel version of the Suicide Squad. He also credited the end of the Skrull War in the scenario Secret Invasion . Another important element lies in the fact that he faces the character of Iron Patriot at one point, using it as a showdown to display his authority on his own personal team of Avengers.

This moment is an important point, if the MCU brings Norman to his place. Osborn in the lap, he could turn out to be a nasty and complex villain like the one this universe has not seen. It is worth mentioning that in Ant-Man and Wasp a character called "The Benefactor" employs Sonny Burch, of Walton Goggins. One could easily reveal, whether or not the original intent, that this figure was Osborn. Perhaps, just maybe, we'll have a clue as to whether or not it's true when Spider-Man: Far From Home will be released in theaters on July 2nd. This news was first reported by Geeks Worldwide.


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