Will Smith’s Blue Genie in Aladdin Has Twitter Creeped Out, Sad & Scared

The Last Aladdin The Last Trailer of Will Smith's Genie in all his blue glory. Last year, when first pictures of the film were released, many Disney fans were upset to find that Smith's Genie was not blue. The actor explained on social media that he was represented in his human form and assured that it would be CGI for most of the film. Now, fans have what they are asking for and a lot of people are freaking out at what they see.

Disney's decision to produce live versions of some of their classic films met with some resistance, and Aladdin is no different. The animated film is enjoyed by Disney fans and the Robin Williams take on the Genie is iconic. However, after the success of the film Beauty and the Beast the studio was not stopped and work continues, hoping to reach as many people as possible. In 2019, three of them will be released in theaters, namely Aladdin Dumbo and the Lion King .

. that Will Smith as the blue version of Genius of Aladdin was revealed; many people wish it's back in the bottle. YouTube blogger Jenny Nicholson said, "Will Smith Genie is what appears in my room when I am paralyzed from sleep," which was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media. "Everyone at Disney is rich in bath salts and this picture is haunting my brain right now," said another person on Twitter. You can read another particularly brutal reaction below.

"The Will Smith genie makes me feel the same as when a celebrity dies: nauseous, sad and I can not wait to tell everyone about it."

After seeing the Aladdin photos at first glance, we do not know what the Disney fans thought we were getting. Even after The Lion King revolts against the debate between synthetic action and real action, Will Smith's genius elicits a ton of mixed reactions, with more than a few comparisons with David Cross & Tobias Funke of Development Order . There are people who think that Smith looks good and that it will be a pretty crazy version of the character once the movie is in theaters.

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Will Smith Speaks about Taking the Role Aladdin and admits that playing such an iconic role is "terrifying". He also added that he was going to add a touch of hip-hop to this role, which also worries more than a few people. But in the end, Disney seems to have achieved something quite massive, like in the trailers. Although the blue genie With Smith rubs some people upside down, we only saw a few seconds of film. We'll just have to wait for Disney to release some more images. Until then, you can see some of the best reactions to the Genie below.


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