Will Star Wars 9 Live Up to the Hype? Oscar Isaac Thinks So

The Star Wars 9 is surrounded by a lot of hype. Oscar Isaac thinks it's worth it, and we have not even seen a trailer yet. J.J. Abrams and his team have recently completed production of the latest installment of the Skywalker saga and fans have been claiming for months the official title and the first images. Although we do not have one yet, we should have it during the celebration of Star Wars next month in Chicago, which, thankfully, is not too far away . All the mystery surrounding the project certainly adds to the hype.

In a recent interview, Oscar Isaac spoke about Star Wars 9 . Obviously, the actor Poe Dameron could not much divulge with respect to history, but he stated that the last chapter of the last trilogy is "so distinct" from the previous films of Star Wars . This information may come from the fact that some fans are skeptical to see JJ Abrams again in the director's chair after having realized The Force Awakens which according to a certain faction of fans was too similar to the original trilogy. When asked in particular whether Star Wars 9 was up to the hype, Isaac had this to say.

"The experience of reading it certainly and the experience of doing it It's amazing how adaptable we are because the scenarios and the craziest situations can sometimes seem Even like, "Oh, I'm still in an X-Wing," I had to wedge my buttocks in the Millennium Falcon Chair. It's clear that they do not do things for ethnic hips. Harrison Ford did not have an ass because it did not work for me, everything started to look like an old hat and by the way, towards the end of the shoot, when we said goodbye, it was very touching for me. "

Further discussing of Star Wars 9 Oscar Isaac then explained what it was like to participate in the One of these events. of the largest franchises in history. Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver and Isaac have spent a lot of time together since the beginning of their adventure with J.J. Abrams and The Awakening of the Force . Since then, they have all experienced a lot and have seen their careers grow accordingly. Isaac explains.

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"It was such a huge chapter of my life for me, six years or whatever, it was a lot and the intensity of the movie.These are the biggest movies of all time.It's hard to pin down. "

It's hard to break We understand what must be playing in a project Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios or DCEU at this time of history. Oscar Isaac has been able to join an elite team to do something incredibly rare, which is (mainly) spreading joy all over the world. It does not become much larger than Star Wars or the Avengers nowadays and it would seem that Isaac does not take this for granted in any way whatsoever.

] Star Wars 9 will be released in theaters at the end of the year, which means that JJ Abrams and his team still have a lot of work to do. before they can be consumed by the public. There is a lot of pressure to offer something that will appeal to children and long-time adult fans of the franchise, a feat virtually impossible to achieve. But Oscar Isaac thinks Abrams has delivered the goods. Now, if we could only get the official title and the first flash movie sequence … You can check out the rest of the interview given to Oscar Isaac during the Happy Sad podcast.


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