William Shatner & Jeri Ryan Open a Portal to Hell

Welcome to Hell! Today, we have a first look at the horror thriller The Devil's Vengeance Who Fails Star Trek William Shatner icon for a Halloween treat that will let you scream. Shatner teams up with Jeri Ryan, the favorite of the genre and Star Trek with Jason Brooks. The film will be released in theaters later this fall, just in time for the Halloween season.

Cleopatra Entertainment, The Devil's Vengeance is about an unlucky down-on-his archeologist during an expedition into a Cave of routine that is cursed by a relic that turns out to be a portal to hell. He then discovers that he must destroy the relic in order to reverse the curse on his family.

Cleopatra Entertainment set a release date for their production Devil's Revenge A new horror film directed by Jared Cohn and produced by Brian Perera and Yvonne Perera, co-produced by Tim Yasui and Cohn. The Vengeance of the Devil was originally written by William Shatner ( Star Trek: The Original Series ) and Maurice Hurley ( Star Trek: The Next Generation ) wrote the script. With Shatner, Jeri Ryan ( Star Trek: Picard Star Trek: Traveling ) and Jason Brooks (2009 Star Trek ), . Deven & # 39; s Revenge will premiere at the Grand Gerard Theater in Toronto on October 1

The Devil's Revenge will be released on VOD platforms in October 1st, followed by a release on DVD and Blu-ray on October 22nd. Cleopatra Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based multimedia company founded by Brian Perera, president of Cleopatra Records. Among the recent films in theaters, let us quote the extravagance action-adventure China Salesman with Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal, the British pop-pop singer Modern Life is Rubbish the official candidacy from Egypt to the 2018 Academy Awards Foreign Language Category Sheikh Jackson and the critically acclaimed England is Mine directed by Mark Gill, director nominated by Oscar and BAFTA.

William Shatner is a true Hollywood legend. is best known as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek's original series which has been transformed into a very successful film franchise and has spawned numerous spinoffs. The actor is quite selective about the projects he undertakes, recently appeared in the last season of The Big Bang Theory as himself. Although renowned for his work in the world of science fiction, the man is no stranger to horror films. He appeared in phantasmagorical classics such as The Devil's Rain and The Kingdom of Spiders . This is perfect for those favorite cult favorites.

You can view the poster as well as the Cleopatra Entertainment direct trailer. The Devil's Vengeance will make your Halloween scary.

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