Wizard of Oz Is Returning to Theaters for 3 Magical Nights

A spectacular one year journey into the history of cinema begins in January when Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) present The Wizard of Oz in more than 500 cinemas across the country, January 27, 29 and 30, a three-day film celebration the 80th anniversary of this iconic film and the beginning of the long year of the TCM Big Screen Classics Series.

One of the best-known and most-loved films in Hollywood history, The Wizard of Oz will be accompanied by Fascinating information from TCM Primetime host Ben Mankiewicz, before and after the film, offers a memorable movie experience to families and fans of all ages. Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Bolger Ray, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, Billie Burke, Margaret Hamilton, Charlie Grapewin, Clara Bandick and "The Munchkins" (and Toto too!) Feature in the most influential film of all time. "

Throughout 2019, the TCM Big Screen Classics series will see the return of 14 unforgettable films in cinemas, including My Fair Lady The Godfather, Part II ] To kill a mocking bird Steel Magnolias and Alien This first presentation will be broadcast exclusively by Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies and Warner Bros.


About: Emerald City's Oz Wizard wizard series Gets Order Order on NBC

  • WHEN:
  • • Sunday, January 27, 2019 – 2 pm and 5 pm (local time)
  • • Tuesday, January 29, 2019 – 7 pm (local time)
  • • Wednesday, January 30, 2019 – 7 pm . (1945)

Tickets for The Wizard of Oz [1945] 9008] can be purchased at www.FathomEvents.com or participating theater box offices. United States fans will be able to enjoy the event at nearly 700 movie theaters selected via Fathom's Digital Broadcast Network (DBN). For a complete list of theater venues, visit the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change). Tom Lucas, Vice President of Relations with Studio, said about the great event that began with The Wizard of Oz .

"Each year, more and more films Spectators gathered to attend the TCM Big Screen Classics series, proving the enduring appeal of these films and their excitement to see them in a movie theater. We are extremely proud of this year's programming, from our spectacular musicals and great westerns to our epic adventures.Partnership with TCM. "

Cross the rainbow and borrow the Yellow brick road with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Loose Lion … and Toto too. One of the feats of the Hollywood classic, The Wizard of Oz stands out from almost every other film by his black-and-white cinematography for color, his outstanding songs by Harold Arlen and EY "Yip" Harburg (who won an Oscar for "Over the Rainbow"), and for his perfect cast. You can take a look at the rest of the year programming, which includes some must-have classics on the screen for a limited time only.

  • The programming of the "big screen classics" of 2019 include:
  • The Wizard of Oz – 1/27, 29 & 30
  • • My Fair Lady – 2/17 & 20
  • • To kill a mocking bird – 3/24 & 27
  • • Ben-Hur – 4/14 & 17
  • • True Grit – 5/5 & 8
  • • Steel Magnolias – 5/19, 21 & 22
  • • Field of dreams – 6/16 & 18
  • • Glory – 7/21 & 24
  • • Hello, Dolly! – 8/11 & 14
  • • Lawrence of Arabia – 9/1 & 4
  • • The Redemption of Shawshank – 9/22, 24 and 25
  • • Alien – 10/13, 15 & 16
  • • The Godfather Part II – 11/10, 12 & 13
  • • When Harry meets Sally – 12/1 and 3


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