X-Men Producer Thinks New Mutants Will Still Get a Theatrical Release

The very troubled The spin-off of X-Men The new mutants could still see a theatrical release, according to producer Lauren Shuler Donner. The film about mutant-centered franchising is about horror and is supposed to be released last April. In fact, a trailer was released in October 2017. But since then, it has been plagued by delays, shots and behind-the-scenes controversy. Despite this, the end product could still end up in the movie theaters.

Lauren Shuler Donner is a long-time producer of the X-Men franchise and, although she has retreated slightly in recent years, is still a part of the company. ;team. In a recent interview at the Television Critics Association's press tour, Donner was asked if The New Mutants would still arrive in theaters. This question was raised because of recent rumors that it could be thrown at Hulu. This is what Donner had to say about it.

"I am told, yes, as I said, I took a step backwards for that to be the skill of Simon [Kinberg]. I hope they 've liked the idea that it started as a teen movie and that the decision was made to turn it into a horror movie. is a good idea, I want to see him come out, I'm sorry to see him thrown to Hulu. "

Josh Boone ( The Fault in Our Stars ) serves as director for the project in question. Many times have been ordered and, over the course of history, he and the studio have disagreed over the final product. To make matters worse, Disney's merger with Fox is expected to be completed in the coming months. At that point, it will be Disney who will have ultimate control. Will they perhaps simply reduce their losses, give up a massive and expensive marketing campaign and instead draw attention to Hulu, in which they will then hold a majority stake? There is at least some logic in such a movement.

Lauren Shuler Donner saw a reduction, but not the final cut. Assuming it is not great, despite the money that has been spent, it may be wise to just dump the movie. Giving also recalled that she had largely moved away from the franchise in recent years, even though she retained an executive producer credit.

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"I must tell you that I retired after Deadpool, before Revelation, and I have not really worked on Apocalypse, New Mutants, and Dark Phoenix. "

Dark Phoenix which has also undergone important rehearsals, will be the last good film X-Men released at the time of the Fox. Assuming that The New Mutants travels to Hulu, it will be the last to go to the theaters. In both cases, this longstanding franchise could well end in an informal end. The new mutants should be released in theaters on August 2nd. This news has already been reported by Slash Film.


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