Yoda-Snoke Connection Possibly Teased in New Star Wars Book

It seems that Yoda and Snoke have a connection revealed before the release of The Rise of Skywalker. Marvel's next comics in Age of the Resistance take Rose Tico, Rey, Kylo Ren and Snoke and put them under the microscope before the next movie. For fans of Star Wars it seems that the mysterious Supreme Guide Snoke, on which we have been questioning for some time, is plunging us more and more into the past. On the cover of the comic Snoke Age of the Resistance, there seems to be a possible connection with Yoda.

Star Wars published the official synopsis of the Snoke Age of the Resistance series and he enters the brutal training of Kylo Ren. However, the cover contains Star Wars fans who think that Yoda will be mentioned in the book, thanks to the cover depicting a tree, which seems to come from Dagobah. It is obvious that Yoda died in The Empire Strikes Back but his ghost of strength appeared in The Last Jedi . The following is the official synopsis of Snoke's Age of Resistance:

"The brutal training of Kylo Ren by Supreme Leader Snoke begins." Is the Sadistic Sadist Going to break his tormented protégé, or did he underestimate the son of Han and Leia? "

There may be a connection between Yoda and Snoke who would be teased for The Rise of Skywalker on the cover of the comic strip. Everything is possible in the universe of Star Wars but it seems more likely that we see parallels between the formation of Snoke on Kylo Ren and the formation of Luke Skywalker by Yoda. And only if the tree of this cover of the age of resistance ends up being a real nod to Dagobah. For the moment, it is only speculation of fans.

The swamp tree presented behind Snoke offers other possibilities. Rumors ran about a possible mysterious Oracle creature in The Rise of Skywalker located in a swamp. It is possible that Snoke is also connected to this Oracle character. At this point, it is too early to know, but the Age of the Resistance comics will be released in September, so we will not have to wait any longer for explanations of the tree behind Snoke.

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In addition to the Snoke Mystery , Star Wars fans are trying to understand that Emperor Palpatine came back for The Ascension of Skywalker . Many rumors circulate, ranging from influential Luke emperor to his possible links with Rey and Snoke, through the Force. Whatever the case may be, there is much to explore in the past of the supreme leader and we could finally get additional information in the Age of Resistance comics and The Rise of Skywalker . You can see Snoke's cover for the comic Age of the Resistance below, thanks to Star Wars.


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