You Can Legally Bet on the Oscars for the First Time in the U.S.

In 2019, a state of the United States may legally place a wager on The Oscars . Residents of New Jersey are the first, and other states should do the same in the future. Although many had the impression that Nevada, home of Las Vegas, had already bet on the Oscars, this is not the case. New Jersey is used as a test to determine if it is popular. If so, we can consider seeing it expand to more states in the years to come.

FanDuel and DraftKings, as well as about a dozen other sports books open the New Jersey Oscars. The New Jersey test aims to determine if gambling commissions can extend their base to new customers willing to lose their hard-earned money. New Jersey is actively seeking to expand its consumer base with the addition of the 91st Oscars. However, some snags may seem unattractive to some pros.

Some of the biggest sports bets allow betting on all potential categories, but some only focus on the larger categories, including Best. Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Movie, Best Director and Best Actor. The problem is that it is already predetermined, so there will not be much money to gain. Although all winners are a huge secret, it is possible that someone who discovers who he is or that someone transmits this information to the world, which we can easily see happen.

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Since Academy members already know the result, bets on the Oscars will be limited. At the time of writing these lines, if anyone in New Jersey wants to bet on Black Panther winning the Best Movie Award, you can only bet a maximum of 3 , $ 88, which would bring you $ 107. It's not bad, but sports and horse racing do not make a lot of money. That said, keeping small businesses will deter people from trying to cheat and allow those who do not normally play to have fun with a losing amount.

New Jersey is the only state to allow Oscar betting this year, but it looks like more states will do the same if all goes well. For now, movie and gaming fans can check out applications like Tally, which do not take money, but give prizes to the person who correctly guesses the largest number of categories. It will be interesting to see where will the Oscar money games go in the years to come. For many athletes, it seems obvious to earn extra income. For now, you can always bet with your friends. This story was first reported by CNBC.


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