Zombieland 2 Shoot Has Woody Harrelson Laughing All Day Long

The long book was long in coming, but Zombieland Double Tap is finally event. For real. Zombieland was released 10 years ago. Can you believe it? It seems that just yesterday, we discovered the intriguing and amusing characters who inhabited the first cinematographic landscape.

The film was very well received. The tomato counter even contains 90%, and this is not a trivial matter! Many things have happened in the real world since Zombieland was released the last decade, but zombies will never change. That's why, even if it's been a long time, I think people will be thrilled to see another film that presents the ever-present monsters of pop culture that we all seem to like so much.

This time we meet again. discover the adorable cast of Zombieland in a "sequel" called Zombieland: Double Tap . Woody Harrelson, one of the stars of the movie, was touring SXSW to promote his new movie on Netflix, The Highwaymen, and ended up talking about Double Tap. Apparently, Woody Harrelson "literally laughed all day" during the filming of Zombieland . Yes, laugh all day on the set. I do not know what's going on there on the board, but I'd like to be there myself! Here is the direct quote.

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"What we're really impressed by spending time with these guys – Emma, ​​Abbie, Jesse and Ruben – I feel so lucky, really, really lucky, you know, he's literally laughing all day, and it's your job, my job is: I'm laughing all day, it seems incredible. really lucky feeling right now. "

That sounds like a lot of fun. His pals, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin take over all their roles. Zoey Deutch, Avan Jogia, Luke Wilson and Rosario Dawson join them in the new opus. Jesse Eisenberg also seemed to want to work on the film, but he seemed to be a little more serious on the set.

"It's going really well, resting on our laurels and we're really arrogant [laughs] No, on the contrary, we work so hard, it's one of those movies that people have loved for personal reasons, so it's not just a hit movie, people love it for personal reasons, so you want to make sure it's so funny and as personal as the other. "

Zombieland Double Tap seems to be as fun as the original with zombie killers going from the heart from the country to the White House. The zombies have evolved a bit since the last movie, so they display features they did not have in the first movie. Woody, Jesse and all the other zombie killers have to face the zombies of course, but their biggest challenge may be to fight each other, not the undead.

The authors of Zombieland Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, resume their writing duties in the new film. This one should be fun. This last story comes from Entertainment Weekly.


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